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About Dunes Studio

    Dunes Studio offers an eclectic selection of books. We aim to provide thoughtful and respectful customer service. We want your purchasing experience to be easy and pleasant. If you have any questions about our listings, please do ask! It will be our pleasure to discuss our books with you.

    Our offerings conform to the requirements of the venues on which they are listed. There may be substantial differences between what is offered on the various sites. If you cannot find what you want, write and ask if it is available. Or, we will help you find something special that you particularly want even if we do not have it listed.

Share us with your friends who love books. Thank you.

   Caveat: Dunes Studio has no connection with AbeBooks, Amazon, eBay, or PayPal beyond that of an independent bookdealer availing themselves of the online services offered by those companies. To the extent that we are pleased with those services, you may take that as a recommendation but not as a warranty.

PayPal Information and Sign-Up

   The following links take you directly to the PayPal website, where you may view their information and decide if it is right for you. We've used it for several years, and for our purposes it is both quick and secure.

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